Hannah (canyontothesky) wrote in oldschoolswaps,

Hello lovely people x

Name (or preferred penpal moniker): Hannah
Age: Seventeen
Email address: canyontothesky@hotmail.co.uk
Website (if applicable: none
What do you swap?: Anything really; photographs, CDs, random things I may spot in a shop that reminds me of the person. Would love to receive absolutely anything - mostly photographs, things you think represent yourself, your culture/life, etc.
Interests: New/not-exactly-mainstream music, new Doctor Who, 24, Charmed (older episode though, not the newer ones), walking, riding, writing, reading, thinking
Hobbies: Again, the walking, riding, writing...I like to go online, I love talking to new people, and I adore sending letters and receiving them.
Musical tastes: Train, Sister Hazel, Michelle Branch, Gavin DeGraw, Queens of the Stone Age, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Harp
How many swapping friends would you like to have?: Say...four or five? Maybe more as the time goes on, but for now, only a few? I'm a swapping virgin so I'm a bit paranoid I may not be able to keep up with many, so for now, at least, I would like a few :). Hope that's okay.

I'm weird. I've never tried tea. I probably might actually like the taste, but I will absolutely not go anywhere near it because of the smell. I can't stand the feel of tea bags, and even though I like eating bananas, I can't stand the touch of the skin.

I have big feet - size ten, English size. And I'm a girl, so they're even more so.

Erm, that's it!

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